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ASM is the leading supplier of atomic layer deposition ALD equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor industry. Our ALD process technology delivers the highest performance available to support the next generation of semiconductor devices.

Our tools are running in the most advanced fabs worldwide including in volume manufacturing of 28nm devices. Pulsar has been used in volume production for high-k gates since at the 45nm node and is now in production running 28nm generations. The Pulsar reactor uses a proprietary solid source precursor delivery system, combined with cross flow gas distribution, which has proven its ability to achieve the industry's best film properties and transistor electrical performance.

By providing ALD processes for both high-k and metals, ASM is supporting our customers with the technology needed to advance transistor performance down to 20nm and beyond.

EmerALD uses a showerhead reactor design that enables highly uniform ALD metal films that can be controlled to achieve precise gate performance requirements.

PEALD is a further, proprietary ALD advancement that enables improved film properties at lower temperatures and provides additional film property control. ASM is leading the industry in offering low CoO dielectric layers for double and quad patterning applications. The Advance system combines excellent temperature control with precise gas delivery to enable a wide range of batch ALD applications. Home About. Go to our About section.

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Go to our Solutions section. Go to our Technology section. Go to our News room section. Go to our Support section. Go to our Careers section. Go to our Investors section.He globally is viewed as a legend within our industry and his legacy extends from Silicon Valley to Tokyo. Combined with strategic vision and a steadfast focus on the long-term, it proved the touchstone of his success and laid the foundation for the growth of ASM and the semiconductor equipment manufacturing sector.

From its onset, more than five decades ago, to the present day, his imprint and influence on the industry is clear and unmistakable. In the s, he was first to see a significant role for the Netherlands in the then fledgling sector. Del Prado was born in Batavia in After liberation, he was reunited with his parents and sister and the family moved to the Netherlands, where he studied Chemistry in Enschede and Economics in Amsterdam, after which he spent some time at Harvard Business School in Boston.

In he moved to the US and there - in what is now known as Silicon Valley - was first struck by the entrepreneurship and innovation of the burgeoning semiconductor industry.

asm asml

Returning to the Netherlands inhe developed the Dutch and Western European market, mainly for American suppliers of semiconductor technologies - initially in Naarden and, fromin Bilthoven.

Del Prado and ASM were the point of entry to the European market for American suppliers of semiconductor technologies.

As a result, he had, effectively, created the European semiconductor equipment industry. His charisma, energy and optimism won him the confidence and support of many. Del Prado thought only in opportunities and rarely saw obstacles. He had the ability to identify and develop promising technologies at an early stage.

And his vision extended far beyond the Netherlands. But, while he was a true cosmopolitan, he never lost touch with his Dutch roots, remaining convinced of the contribution the Netherlands could make to semiconductor technology. He was daring, often referring to himself as a katjong - a Dutch-Indonesian term for a naughty boy. And it was this strategic skill that helped him build a key position in the industry.

InASM launched production of the first vapor deposition furnaces.

The company grew from sales to innovation, developing and manufacturing its own technologies. InDel Prado acquired a controlling stake in Fico Toolings, a manufacturer of materials for use in the semiconductor packaging industry. The products of ASM Fico were used for the packaging and assembly of semiconductor devices. From the s, this part of the industry was commonly located in Southeast Asia.ASM with its adaptability, innovation and speed-to-market empowers its customers to be on the competitive edge.

And what truly sets us apart, is our people, the team of dedicated experts and consultants with hands-on experience, knowledge and ability to ideate and innovate to help each customer realize their business goals.

ASM with its experience has derived from a well-defined and mature application maintenance process. The complete service delivery mechanism with highly optimized offshore technical and functional consultants brings together the expertise of helpdesk and a proactive technical team to ensure business continuity through an experienced offshore support team. This approach provides our customers reduced recurring maintenance costs, quality of service, leading to more customer satisfaction.

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Low cost, highly efficient offshore based model where resources are shared among multiple customers to optimize cost. They do not need dedicated support teams mostly because of complexity as well as the volume of the ticket.


A dedicated team works with the customer to maintain their applications. A mix of shared and dedicated resources. Product Lifecycle Management Services ASM with its adaptability, innovation and speed-to-market empowers its customers to be on the competitive edge. What makes us different? Product Lifecycle Management Application Maintenance and Support Services ASM with its experience has derived from a well-defined and mature application maintenance process.

Dedicated Model A dedicated team works with the customer to maintain their applications. Hybrid Model A mix of shared and dedicated resources. Contact Us. Are you passionate to work on PLC Projects? Apply Online.As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kingspan Group, ASM offers distribution and installation capabilities around the globe.

Renowned for its experience, quality and engineering, ASM has become the product of choice for many data center providers and office spaces alike. Flexibility, Strength, and Energy Savings. Raise your level of business with our patented, award winning, and industry leading raised access floor systems.

ASM's Containment offers data centers a modular solution for their cooling needs without ever complicating the product or process. ASM's floor panels are extremely quiet. With its powder coated bare finish and low cost, it is always a great choice for general office requirements. Build with complete access now and flexibility for the future. Starnet Low-Profile Flooring addresses cable management and accessibility needs for clients with restrictive floor to ceiling heights.

Share Share this page on social media Twitter LinkedIn. Access Flooring Solutions. Find a product. Enter a product name Find. Learn More. Containment ASM's Containment offers data centers a modular solution for their cooling needs without ever complicating the product or process. Commercial Flooring ASM's floor panels are extremely quiet. Contact ASM. We use cookies on our website www. To find out more about the cookies we use, or to change your cookie preferences i.Others may nod at the area around Seattle, where Amazon and Microsoft are based.

Yet on closer inspection, the case for Veldhoven looks compelling. If chips make the world go round, ASML may be the closest the multi-trillion-dollar global tech industry has to a linchpin.

ASML is not the only maker of photolithographic machines, which use light to etch integrated circuits onto silicon wafers. It competes with Canon and Nikon of Japan. Although EUV devices accounted for only 26 of the lithography machines the firm sold inthey made up a third of sales by revenue.

It has nearly doubled in the past year alone. Its share price has suffered along with others as covid rattles global markets, but its longer-term outlook appears as bright as the white-walled cleanrooms where its machines take shape. Its shares trade at a mouthwatering 32 times forward earnings, double or more those of its biggest customers. Times were not always so good. The firm started life in as a joint venture between Philips, a Dutch electronics giant, and ASM International, which made semiconductor equipment.

Its first products were obsolete as soon as they were released, he says, and the firm struggled to find customers. In it listed its shares in New York and Amsterdam. Shortly afterwards the firm bet that EUV lithography would be the future of chipmaking.

Big chipmakers planned to be using its machines by around They were to be disappointed—repeatedly. Working out the kinks took much longer than expected, admits Mr Benschop. Commercial clients did not start using the technology until Earlier generations of kit employ lasers to produce light directly. But as wavelengths shrink, things get trickier.

Inside a cutting-edge EUV machine 50, droplets of molten tin fall through a chamber at its base each second. A pair of lasers zap every drop, creating a plasma that in turn releases light of the desired wavelength. The mirrors guiding this light, made of sandwiched layers of silicon and molybdenum, are ground so precisely that, if scaled to the size of Germany, they would have no bumps bigger than a millimetre.

asm asml

Because EUV light is absorbed by almost anything, including air, the process must take place in a vacuum. To get into the production facilities, your correspondent had to don a special suit and leave his notebook behind, lest it shed unwanted fibres. ASML has around 5, suppliers. Carl Zeiss, a German optics firm, fashions its lenses. VDLa Dutch company, makes the robotic arms that feed wafers into the machine.

ASML is, in turn, one of hundreds of firms that supply the chipmakers themselves. But it is so vital that Intel, Samsung and TSMC have all chipped in to finance its research and development in return for stakes in the firm. Politicians share it, too. China is keen to foster advanced chipmaking firms of its own, an ambition that America is trying to thwart. ASML would hate to surrender access to the Chinese market, which is bigger than most and as captive. Last April ASML said that six employees, including some Chinese nationals, were involved in pilfering trade secrets from its American office in The firm disputes the suggestion that the theft was linked to the Chinese government.It is a global company, based in 14 countries.

ASM pioneered important aspects of many established wafer-processing technologies used in industry, including lithography, deposition, ion implant and single-wafer epitaxy. The company was founded by Arthur del Prado in The shares of the company are listed on the Nasdaq and Euronext Amsterdam. The company has come under siege of several well known hedge funds Fursa, Hermes, Centaurus.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a Netherlands-based company. Operating income. Net income. ASM International. Archived from the original on 28 July Retrieved 31 March Retrieved Archived from the original on Companies portal. AMX companies of the Netherlands. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from August All stub articles.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Naamloze vennootschap. Semiconductor industry. AlmereNetherlands. Equipment for semiconductor fabricationassembly and packaging. This Dutch corporation or company article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.The company manufactures machines for the production of integrated circuits.

ASM International

The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index. The photolithography machines manufactured by ASML are used in the production of computer chips. In these machines, patterns are optically imaged onto a silicon wafer that is covered with a film of light-sensitive material photoresist. This procedure is repeated dozens of times on a single wafer. The photoresist is then further processed to create the actual electronic circuits on the silicon.

The optical imaging that ASML's machines deal with is used in the fabrication of nearly all integrated circuits, and as ofASML has 67 percent of the worldwide sales of lithography machines, [4] with the competition consisting of UltratechCanon and Nikon.

As ofan average lithography machine costs 27 million euros. ASML manufactures extreme ultraviolet lithography machines that produce light in the A high-energy laser is focused on microscopic droplets of molten tin to produce a plasma, which emits EUV light. In addition to immersion-based lithography and EUV lithography, ASML has a substantial intellectual property portfolio covering imprint lithography.

It is also the location for research, development, manufacturing and assembly. ASML has a worldwide customer base and over sixty service points in sixteen countries.

Nowadays it is a public company with only a minority of the shares owned by Philips. ASML is subject to cyclical industrial dynamics. For example, at the end ofASML experienced a large drop in sales, which led management to cut the workforce by about worldwide—mostly contract workers [14] —and to apply for support from the Dutch national unemployment fund to prevent even larger layoffs.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Net income. Press release, 12 July ASML press release. IMEC press release, 22 April Patentsand U. Patent Applications ASML Holding. Archived from the original on 28 July Retrieved 3 August Archived from the original on 1 August Retrieved 18 December Retrieved 30 November Wall Street Journal, April Reuters, 10 July United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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