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Today, APIs are widely used and are very popular in the developer community. APIs make work easier, as developers can perform difficult task programmatically and automate repeatable routines.

This is helpful for developers who do not have access to ColdFusion Administrator, for example, component event gateway, data sources, mail, and so on. You can use the syntax to add and modify the Data Sources without affecting the other admin settings.

There are multiple attributes that can be used to add the DB which are supported in ColdFusion. Before that, let us take a look into the Data Source Management for ColdFusion, where users can add parameters. This document has all the components which user can define create database connection using Admin API. This example is with Macromedia drivers:. This example uses two lines of code. Data Sources". Obviously one could go into the CFIDE admin and manually tick it but we have hundreds of databases and need to automate it.

Has anybody found a workaround for this or know if this is a known bug with Adobe? PS: This is happening in CF we are upgrading a legacy app from CF9 so not sure in which version the Drop default restriction got introduced. Thanks for the suggestion, I will correct it. I replaced it with a wrong version. Thanks for pointing it out. Excellent article! You must be logged in to post a comment.

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coldfusion administrator api

Application Datasource. Application Monitoring. Application Performance. CF11 Updates. ColdFusion Summit Survey. Adobe Developer Connection. ColdFusion Community Portal.For a full list of deprecated features, refer to Deprecated features. Use the Adobe ColdFusion Administrator to perform basic administration tasks.

Immediately after you install ColdFusion, you might have to perform some or all the administrative tasks described in the following table:. ColdFusion applications require data source connections to query and write to databases. To create, verify, edit, and delete database connections, use the Data Sources page.

Directory mappings redirect relative file paths to physical directories on your server. To specify server-wide directory aliases, use the Mappings page. Debugging information provides important data about CFML page processing. E-mail lets ColdFusion applications send automated e-mail messages.

To configure an e-mail server and mail options, use the Mail Server page. To change passwords, use the Security section. To grant user-specific access to the ColdFusion Administrator, you create users and specify a user name, password, applicable sandboxes, and the sections of the ColdFusion Administrator that each user can access.

Server configuration only You might have to customize Java settings, such as classpath information, to meet the needs of your applications. Some CFML tags might present a potential security risk for your server. To disable certain tags, use the Sandbox Security page.

You can use the buttons on the upper left of the ColdFusion Administrator to access online Help, information about additional resources, and system information. The Server Settings section lets you manage client and memory variables, mappings, charting, and archiving. It also allows you to configure e-mail and Java settings.

The Settings page of the ColdFusion Administrator contains configuration options that you can set or enable to manage ColdFusion. These options can significantly affect server performance. The following table describes the options:. Prevents unusually lengthy requests from using up server resources. Enter a limit to the time that ColdFusion waits before terminating a request.

Requests that take longer than the time-out period are terminated. Lets developers programmatically define ColdFusion settings such as mappings and debugging per application. Specify whether to use a universally unique identifier UUIDrather than a random number, for a cftoken.

Disable this option to configure ColdFusion to set a status code of OK for everything, including unhandled errors. Compresses repeating sequences of spaces, tabs, and carriage returns and linefeeds.Provides functions to check whether the current user has the access rights required for invoking functions. Indicates whether or not the current user can access the specified page.

coldfusion administrator api

Output: suppressed. Checks whether the current user is the root admin user, else throws an error. Valid Properties are:.

Authenticates the user for the length of the request. Required before accessing other methods of the Administrator API. Returns true if login successful. Sets Migration Wizard or Setup Wizard status. Valid properties are:. Specify yes or no. Check to see if user is authenticated.

Used to throw errors in a cfscript block. Return true if term highlighting for entire document is enabled for a Solr collection. Gets the cfsetting defaults to the arguments scope that is passed. Creates or modifies a DB2 data source. The default is Default is bytes. If you specify False, ColdFusion retrieves up to the amount specified in the buffer argument.

Default is 0 which means that the query doesnt timeout.

ColdFusion (Lucee) Tutorial - Lesson 1 - Basics \u0026 Variables

If JDBC 4. Creates or modifies an Apache Derby Client data source. Enter a value to optimize ColdFusion performance. If you observe excessive network activity when using this driver, increase the page timeout value. Specify True or False. ORCL is the default. Adds a datasource to the SequeLink configuration.Configuring and Administering Adobe ColdFusion 9. Developing Adobe ColdFusion 9 Applications. Use the Administrator API. For example, you use the setMSQL method of datasource. Specify the user name, password, description, access rights, sandboxes, and allowed roles for individual users.

Contains basic Administrator functionality, including login, logout, the Migration wizard, and the Setup wizard. You must call the login method before calling any other methods in the Administrator API. Start, stop, and restart JRun servers. This CFC only works when running the multiserver configuration. For example, to view datasource. Call the administrator. The following example adds the same SQL Server data source, but uses the argumentCollection attribute to pass all method arguments in a structure:.

View Help PDF adobe. ColdFusion 9. Using the ColdFusion Administrator. Administrator API. This example uses two lines of code.

coldfusion administrator api

This example uses a single line of code. Add, modify, and delete ColdFusion data sources. Manage runtime settings for fonts, cache, charts, configuration, and other settings.

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ColdFusion Administrator API Reference

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Use the ColdFusion administrator

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Administrator API

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coldfusion administrator api

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